Second Saturdays and Firing Schedules

Monroe ClayWorks is now open Sundays for our Members and active students.  Hours are 11 am until 4 pm.

Wood Firing Dates:

May 15-18
Wadding and Loading: 
Wednesday, May 15, 10:00 a.m.

Firing and Stoking:
Thursday, May 17, Light & Slow Fire starting at 7 pm
Friday, May 17
Saturday, May 18 until close (4 pm or whenever)

Learn more about wood firings.

Future Wood Firings
July 17-20
September 11-14
October 30 – November 2

All Second Saturday’s are scheduled from
10:00 am -12:30 pm and cost $25. Reservations are required.
Reserve your spot by calling

  • June 8,  Liz Vigoda,
    Decorating Techniques 

Liz’s workshop will offer a basket-full of decorating techniques.  We will cover wax resist glazing and well as wax resist etching for raised designs.  We’ll explore etching through wax resist and try scraffito on bone dry and leather hard clay.  Also covered will be how to use laser decals and how to use all of the above in interesting combinations.  To participate in this workshop please bring one or two bisqued pots – please bring light colored clay pieces. Also, please bring 2 or 3 dry green ware pieces. Your pieces can be handbuilt or thrown. 

  • July 13, Matt Tell, Throwing Large Platters

  • August 10, Barbara Reeley, 
    Making and Wiring Lamps

  • September 14, Bianca DuPuis

  • October 12, Jill Fishon-Kovachick

  • November 8, To Be Decided

  • December 14, To Be Decided

To sign up please call Northeast Ceramic Supply:  (518) 274-2722

Wood Firing Dates:

May 15-18
July 17-20
September 11-14
October 30 – November 2


DATE:  June 15, 2019

Starting time: 11 am

COST: $5 per piece

We’ll be set up at 11 am to begin glazing and firing our bisques pots. Pieces have a better chance of coming through the intense heat in the raku kiln if the pieces are even thickness throughout. Cost is a nominal $5 per piece.  Size restrictions are no larger than 12 inches – height or width. We should be finished firing by 3:30 pm.

Reservations are compulsory.

Call Northeast Ceramics at 518-274-2722 to sign up.


Dates: August 17th and October 19th

11AM – 1:30 PM

COST: $5 per piece

At 11 am we’ll begin loading Peach (one of our pits). We’ll have lots of organic material, copper carbonate and seaweed to wrap and brush on our pieces. Cost is $5 per piece.

We’ll load and fire on a Saturday  and then button her up and unload on a Tuesday.

Get your reservation today by calling  Northeast Ceramics 518-274-2722.

Wood Firing Dates:

May 15-18
July 17-20
September 11-14
October 30 – November 2

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