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Saturday August 19th  10am-5pm

Weather permitting,  MCW will schedule  pit  firings.  Pieces must be previously bisque fired.  Each of these pieces can be a maximum of 12″ x 12″ in size.  $5 per piece fee.

Reservations are required one week in advance of each firing.

They begin at 10 am and end at 5 pm.

For more info call or email:

Barbara Reeley:

(518) 669-5296          (518) 274-2722

Dates for Bruno Wood Firings:

Thursday thru Saturday

Wood Firing   July 13-15    


Wood Firing   September 14-16

Wood Firing   October 19-21

Wood Firing   November 2-4

Sample schedule for a wood firing:

Wadding and Loading:  On a Thursday

Candle Overnight*:   On a Thursday

Firing:    On a Friday into early morning Saturday

Unloading:   The following Saturday

*Candle Overnight means a small fire will be started and kept burning overnight in the firebox.  The purpose of candling is to slowly dry and moisture in the kiln, shelves, posts, wadding and our work.


All Second Saturdays are from 11-1:30 pm and are held at Monroe ClayWorks.

Call or visit Northeast Ceramic Supply, Inc. to sign up: Telephone: 518- 274-2722

Reservations and payment required.

Second Saturday    July 8

David Smyth “Throwing Large Moon Jar Shapes”

11 – 1:30 $25

Throwing tall cylinders a bit off-center then adding a slightly off-center Moon Jar takes quite a bit of playful attention.  This workshop is promised to be a kick in the pants to throw outside your comfort zone!  Demonstration workshop.

Second Saturday    August 12 

Barbara Reeley

“Cleaning Kiln Shelves”

11 – 1:30  $10

Almost all clay studios have kiln shelves stacked in a corner that have glaze drips and need grinding and new kiln wash.  Monroe ClayWorks almost always has a stack of kiln shelves that need grinding so we’ll take a few outdoors, put on a respirator and grab the angle grinder.  There will also be a demonstration on applying kiln wash to newly cleaned shelves.

Second Saturday    September 9

Stephen Procter  “Throwing In Sections”

11-1:30  $25

Throwing In Sections ~ No Limits will be a 2 ½ hour demonstration with information about selection of appropriate clay bodies and tools for throwing large.  Minimizing physical stress, making tongue-in-groove joins.  Basic design, composition considerations and using torches &/or heat guns plus specialized tools for shaping will be addressed too.

Second Saturday    October 14

Bonnie Richter

11-1:30    $25

Second Saturday   November 11

Dennis Smith

“Kiln Repair & Maintenance”

11 – 1:30       $10

Taking care of your electric kiln can be as easy as calling Dennis but if you come to his workshop demonstration you’ll learn many ways to maintain your kiln in top condition.  He will also show you how to do minor repairs and give you step by step instructions on checking out several possible repairs.

Second Saturday   December 9

Sarah Bowen

“Handbuilding Hanging Vases with Sculpted Face”

11-1:30    $25

This will be a demonstration of sizing clay, molding and carving both a functional and decorative piece.  All phases of building, storing and carving face details will be shown.  Also included will be details of the back of the vase for installation.

Second Saturday   January 13, 2018 

Mary LaFleur

“Painterly Slabs”

11 – 1:30     $25

Mugs, vases and plates are beautiful using a method of painting layers of different colored slips on a slab and then cutting through the layers to reveal the slices of color.  Using a rolling pin Mary will demonstrate how to set the design in place and transform the slab into unique ceramic pieces.



To sign up, call or send a check for the full class tuition to Northeast Ceramic Supply, Inc. 

Telephone: 518- 274-2722

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 817, Troy, NY

Download Registration Form Here.

Lidded Forms Class

Instructor:  Barbara Reeley

8 Weeks:  Wednesdays,  6 – 8:30 pm

April 12 – May 31

Cost:  $375 (includes clay, glaze & firing)

Let’s put a lid on it!!  In this class we’ll throw four types of forms and explore different types of lids for each form. This class is for intermediate to advanced pottery throwing students. All work will be fired to cone 10 in our gas kiln (Ellie). Let’s loosen up our throwing while making sure their lids fit!

Colored Clay Challenge

Instructor:  Barbara Reeley


6 Weeks:  Wednesdays,  2 – 4:30 pm

April 12 through May 17.

Cost:  $250 (includes clay, stains, glaze & firing)

Our Colored Clay Challenge class will be a 6-week journey during which you will learn how to use ceramic stains to color porcelain. We’ll color our cone 6 porcelain, make graduated colored hues and explore overlaying and interlacing & colored clay loaves. No experience needed to take this class. Expect to be wowed by the results of this class.

Beginner –Intermediate Handbuilding 

Instructor: Bonnie Richter


 8 Weeks: Thursdays, 6 – 8:30 p.m.  

April  6th – May 25th

Cost:   $300 (includes clay, glaze and firing)

In this class we’ll be using the different handbuilding techniques of coil, pinch and slab building as well as several surface decoration techniques to explore the endless possibilities that clay has to offer.   You’ll be making a variety of fun and useful pieces.  You’ll work on flat forms like plates and trays, vertical forms such as vases, handled mugs, and jars as well as lidded forms like a sugar or cookie jar or toothbrush holder.   You’ll use texture, colored slips and glazes to enhance the surface design of each piece. 

Beginner – Intermediate Throwing  

Instructor: Bonnie Richter


8 Weeks: Tuesdays,  6 – 8:30 p.m.  

April 11th – May 30th

Cost:   $300  (includes clay, glaze and firing)

This class is for anyone that wants to learn to throw on the potter’s wheel and for those who want to improve their throwing skills.   Our focus will be on centering, pulling up and creating even walls.  Everyone will work at their own pace to progress to larger and more advanced forms.  We will also work on making and attaching different types of handles.  You’ll learn how to trim your work and, finally, glaze your pieces for their final firing in our electric kilns.

Wall Art and Pit Fire

Instructor:  Mary LaFleur

 8 weeks: Tuesdays, 10am -12:30pm

April 4th – May 23rd

Cost: $300

We will examine wall art and create masterpieces using tiles, extrusions and more.  Some pieces will be pit fired.

We will also hand build pieces to be pit fired and/or horsehair raku.

To sign up, call or send a check for the full class tuition to Northeast Ceramic Supply, Inc. .

Telephone: 518- 274-2722
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 817, Troy, NY

Download Registration Form Here.

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