April 14 2018 Saturday
Coil Building Large Pots April 14th, 11am-1:30 pm

Instructor: Art Baird

“Coiling Building” 

11-1:30  $25

Coil building is one of the earliest methods used to form clay into vessels. I learned a simple method from Bruno La Verediere at a workshop at Potter Northwest in Seattle, WA in 1972. I have created many floor vases and lamps using this method. I find coil building a useful way to make large round or oval vases and tall plant stands for indoor and garden use. I will teach this simple technique as a method to form small to very large pots of any shape. Additionally, I also will demonstrate ways to embellish work with the use of coils. Participants in the workshop will also be given time to start a coil building project.

Artistic Statement
I have been working in stoneware and porcelain for over 30 years, striving to explore the infinite possibilities presented by clay, producing work that ranges from functional ware for daily use to sculptural, nonfunctional pieces.
The sights, textures, and rhythms of the natural world shape the way I think about my work, and I find insights from Japanese folk pottery, and 19th century American salt glazed pottery. Because I believe that mastery of every aspect of ceramics is essential to being a clay artist, I mix my own clay and glazes and build and repair my kilns. I like high temperature reduction firing because I never have complete control of how the flame affects the pieces. There is always an element of mystery. When I open the kiln, there will be surprising discoveries

Web site: www.artbairdpottery.com

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